About us


Due to his enthusiasm and fascination for the variety and profoundness of gemstones Konstantin Stavridis chartered the company Pink City in October of 1997.

Right from the start, and because of his scientific background, he was drawn to the specialized trade market with Pink City. First Pink City supplied specialized shops, jewellers, goldsmiths and art galleries in Germany, later on many European countries.

Pink City is specialized in the fabrication of individual, unique and handcrafted jewellery with coloured gemstones, far from factory-made and therefore often soulless mainstream mass production.

In August 1999 we presented our collection at an international trade fair for the first time. The following years our participation increased steadily. Today we present our jewellery at all important trade fairs in Central Europe.

Since 2017, after steady deployment, we present our collection at the international trade fair Baselworld.

„Pink City“ is the common name of the Indian city Jaipur, where the manufacture is based. For centuries Jaipur is one of the major central points for gemstones in the world. Here you find countless gemstone-grinders and the finest quality workmanship.

The name goes back to the visit of the Great Britain’s Prince Albert in 1853. Back then, in his honour, the entire city was painted antique pink: the traditional welcoming colour. In the historic district this tradition has been cultivated up to the present day. Today, the historic city is dedicated a UNESCO world cultural heritage site.