About us


The joy and the fascination of the variety and the depth of gemstones motivated Konstantin Stavridis to set up the company Pink City in October 1997.

Because of his scientific background, he moved with Pink City from the beginning to the collaboration with specialist trade. Pink City started to supply jewellers, goldsmiths, jewellery shops and galleries first in Germany and later in many European Countries too.

Pink City concentrated soon on manufacturing of individual coloured gemstones jewellery as well as unique jewellery in 925th sterling silver, far away from the mainstream industrial production.    
In August 1999 we celebrated at the “Tendence” in Frankfurt our first presentation at an international trade fair. Since then, the number of our participations at trade fairs has steadily expanded, so that we can now be found at all significant German trade fairs. Furthermore, we present our collections also at international trade fairs in France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. 

Since the establishment of Pink City the essential point of the company’s philosophy has been the enthusiastic passion to excellent gemstone qualities as well as the uncompromisingly high-quality workmanship of jewellery at at the same time very fair prices. Therefore, we are particularly proud of the price-performance ratio of our jewellery. 

To ensure that our valuables are as far as possible natural finish and to keep the desired fine qualities we let cut a lot of gemstones from our collections from their raw material. They are chemically and physically untreated and thank a longtime gemological experience guaranteed to be genuine.

The enthusiasm for an increasingly finer gemstone jewellery manufacturing as well as the long-standing contacts led to establish a new manufacture of our supplier in Jaipur / India. With our support, set the manufactory a target to mix the finest quality workmanship with the fair and environmentally sustainable trade conditions.

The other essential aspect of our philosophy concerns the social and the environmental responsibility of our manufacturing process. We follow the standards of “Fair Trade”. Therefore, we searched for a manufactory, which let certify itself by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

Naturally, the manufactory of our supplier is free of child labour. 

To prevent allergies and environmental illnesses we let our silver alloy that way, that our jewellery is free of nickel, cadmium or other heavy metals. It is of particular importance for us that the substances, which are harmful to the environment and occur e.g. in electroplating, will be professional disposed.

The manufactory, which produce for us in India, captivate particularly through fair working conditions. It employs almost thirty silversmiths under convenient employment conditions, such as regulated workings hours, hardly long hours, free Sundays and a lot of various holidays. The payment of the smiths is considerably higher than the local pay scales. Furthermore, there is an annual bonus and a one month paid home leave, which the smiths use to visit their own families. All smiths come from the same region. The manufactory stays closed for one month every year.

In this involved manufactory, in addition to the internal health care system, has become established also an internal loan system for interest-free small loan, for example for purchases of land in their home villages, so that the family members of the smiths can find work in the agriculture.

In this fair and mindful working environment we enthusiastically support the blacksmithing and let create fascinating jewellery.

The authentic and emotional experience when shopping and the personal unique item, which doesn’t come from mechanical mass production becomes nowadays more and more important for the customers. Fine gemstone jewellery is a wonderful way to fulfill exactly this desire.

Your Pink City Team