About us


Pink City has made it a rule to integrate sustainability in production and distribution. A few examples of this commitment are:

By using LED-lighting and power saving electronic devices in our office, in the manufacture, on stands at a trade show and in showrooms we are trying to reduce energy consumption. We use green electricity by Greenpeace in our Headquarter at Pink City.

Our showroom on exhibitions is equipped with lasting carpet instead of disposable. The stationary in our Headquarter office is mostly provided by the ecologically minded distributor MEMO. We only use halogen-free jewellery bags and try to avoid plastic waste.

We compensate the inevitable flight travels through voluntary CO2-spendings.

The supplies of our manufacturing partners are free of child labour.

To prevent allergies and diseases caused by pollution our jewellery is free of heavy metal such as nickel, cadmium and lead. We make sure that polluting substances which occur in electroplating are professionally disposed.

Our jewellery production is inspired by the specifications of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). The manufacture is currently undergoing a complex evaluation process.

What we understand mean by fair labour circumstances:

- highly above-average wages and vacation arrangements for the goldsmiths

- No work on Sundays and manageable overtime

- Health benefits that take care of employees and their families

- An internal credit system free of interest that allows the employees and their families to buy and administrate property in their home villages

- There are no enforced redundancies in the manufacture. Therefore the employees mustn’t fear the loss of their employment. The manufacture should offer an employment for life