About us


Our philosophy includes several sub areas.

Pink City supplies retailers in terms of an intense and trusting partner as a manufacturer and wholesaler. Trust is the foundation of everything, especially in the gemstone industry. All business relationships we create are based on personal grounds.

We don’t want to ‘just’ sell you something, but are seeking to be associate partners in the best way.

Pink City is never done, but in a constant process of development. We want to improve constantly. On the one hand we are driven by passionate perfectionism on the other hand there is a desire for aesthetic immaculacy.

We stand for classical goldsmith art: high-quality, one of a kind jewellery, is produced by elaborate and precise handicraft. We love natural gemstones and are obsessed with crafting ever finer, ever more beautiful gemstones.

In the focus of our philosophy lays our social, ecological responsibility and efficiency as a company. More you will find under „sustainability“.

Fair trade principals are our guidelines of production. The manufacture in Jaipur is currently undergoing an elaborate certifying process of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

So, inspirational jewellery is created in a fair and attentive working atmosphere.

Not only do we produce fair, we also want to sell fair. That’s why our prices are calculated in a matter that you do not only make a reasonable, but also a good deal with our jewellery.